Frequently Asked Questions

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Common Questions

Customisation is limited to the options given to each gift box. Each gift box allows you to choose a colour and name for personalisation, with the birthday box also featuring an age. 

All design choices are set within the gift boxes. If you desire to have different finishes and stamp designs we would recommend completing a custom order form

Hart Baking Co is located in Wellington Point on Brisbane's south side. We offer Postage for Customers who are unable to collect at Companies collection site or postage for Customers interstate. 

Hart Baking Co Cookies - minimum of 24

Simple Package:
1 Cookie Shape - 1 solid colour or 1 marble colour of your choice - 1 text personalisation 
Individually heat sealed
Moderately Detailed Package:
Up to 4 cookie designs 
Design elements, 3D fondant embellishments - some hand painting - two tone technique of one of your designs - sprinkles - 2x text personalisations - up to three colour choices - complimentary heat sealing. 
Signature Hart Package
Up to 8 cookie designs
Unlimited complex design elements - 3D fondant embellishments - hand painting - ombré effect - fondant layering - two tone technique - balloon garlands - sprinkles - marble 
Unlimited colour choice - Individual heat sealing 
Extra fees may apply for additional balloon garland and size of garland. 


Additional decoration options per cookie:

Individual boxes: $2.50 


Hart Baking Co Macarons have a starting price of $3.40 per macaron one colour, one flavour per 24 macarons.

Additional decoration options per macaron:
Marble Swirl: $0.50
Sprinkles: $0.20
Fondant details: starting from $0.50
Gold/silver leaf: $0.50 - $1
Glitter dust: $0.50
Flavour specific decorations: $0.60
Hand painting gold/silver/bronze/rose gold stripe: $0.50


Wedding Favours
$8.75 per box containing:
2 macarons, 2or1 colour, 2or1 flavour with ribbon bow.

Both Cookies and Macarons have a minimum of 24 per custom order. 

Smaller sized packs are made available for special yearly events eg; Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas.

Currently we do not offer vegan or gluten free options for our cookies.

Macarons are gluten free, fillings may contain gluten. Dairy free and gluten free fillings can be made upon request in our custom order form . Please keep in mind macarons are cooked in a kitchen that uses gluten products on cooking facilities and utensils/equipment for other bakes.

Our cookies are a delicious vanilla bean flavour, featuring beautiful freshly ground vanilla bean specks throughout the cookie. 

Macaron flavours can be endless. By popular demand the most common flavours to be ordered include:
- salted caramel
- cookies and cream
- strawberries and cream
- chocolate
- vanilla bean

I love a challenge and love to experiment with flavours, if there is a flavour you are after please specify in the custom order form , in additional notes, and we can communicate further to see if it's a possibility. 

Cookies come individually heat sealed, when stored correctly can last up to 8 weeks and will feature a best before date. 

Macarons are best eaten within three days. They can last up to a week when transferred and stored in an air tight container in the fridge. To extend their shelf life place macrons in the freezer for a month, be mindful this will effect the texture when defrosted. 

Macarons are best eaten at room temperature. 

We recommended cookies are stored in a cool, dry and dark environment. Do not place fondant cookies in the fridge as they will increase moisture on the fondant and effect the texture of the cookies.

Macarons are best kept stored in the fridge. They can be transferred and stored in an air tight container in the fridge or placed in the freezer, be mindful this will effect the texture when defrosted.

We offer postage for our cookies Australia wide, fees range from $16.95 - $30 depending on the weight of the gift box/custom order.

Currently our macarons are not available for shipping.